Children. Husbands. Work. Drinks. Hobbies. Commonalities. Laughter. It was all on the table at the first “Ashland Mom’s Club” meetup on Wednesday, May 22nd.

The new Facebook group was formed by Brittany Burdick in April to create opportunities for local mothers to meet up and support each other. Many attendees had recently moved to the area in the past few years and were seeking ways to connect. The club has seemingly found a niche in the social fibers of the Southern Boone community, having already amassed over 225 members.

Burdick started a few similar successful clubs when she lived in Kansas City and found that many mothers have a tough time finding new friendships.

“It’s hard to meet friends as an adult and especially as a mom, but people need things like this to give them that push. If you asked people when the last time was they made a group of good friends, they would probably say college or high school and that’s because you were forced into social situations or given the opportunity to be in groups with shared interests. We don’t have those opportunities as much as adults unless someone does it, so that’s what I am trying to do!”

Many women experience “identity loss” and suffer from post-partum depression after having a child. The group seeks to combat these conditions by strengthening mental and social well-being. Burdick says mothers of all ages are welcome to join and meet once a month to take a break from the demands of everyday mom life to establish friendships with other local mothers.

Find the group here on Facebook.