( A Totally new Approach to Trout )

By: Mike Roux

I grew-up catching trout in the crystal clear Ozark Mountain streams of south and south east Missouri.  My Father, Glen Roux and Grandpa Guy Roux along with my great uncle Jack Todd taught me the best ways to catch brown and rainbow trout from the time I could cast a lure.

This trio was a virtual wealth of information and I soaked it up like a dry sponge in a downpour.  Now at the age of 63, most of what I learned about trout fishing in my youth has been proven NOT to be the Gold Standard after all.  Recently my trout fishing program was rebooted and totally new data was uploaded.

Many times throughout my youth we would spend a week’s vacation camping along the shores of Lake Taneycomo at Branson, MO.  The conditions there were somewhat different than fishing in streams but we used the same baits, lures and techniques as we did at Montauk, Maramec and Bennett Springs.  We had marginal but acceptable success.

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