Southern Boone County R-1 School District Board of Education Candidates

Why should voters choose you?

Heather Brown

My Fellow Ashlandians,

I am seeking your support as a candidate for the Southern Boone School Board. Allow me to share a bit about myself. Growing up as an Army brat, I had the opportunity to experience life throughout the country and abroad. Throughout my service, I encountered schools of varying quality, ranging from excellent to extremely poor.

This dedication to a quality education was reinforced with my tour in the U.S. Army Reserves during Operation Iraqi Freedom from 2003 to 2004. As a civil affairs specialist, I actively contributed to the betterment of schools in Iraq. My responsibilities included reviewing educational content, assessing the structural integrity of schools, and facilitating their reopening to ensure that local Iraqi children could continue their education. These experiences have fueled my unwavering commitment to implement practices from those top schools while removing barriers to our nation’s most precious resource, our children.

Upon graduating with a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Missouri, I decided to move to Ashland in 2017. Witnessing the excellence of our school district, I understood the potential that was left untapped. I am enthusiastic about applying my expertise to support our community to ensure our children receive the best that our community can offer.

As a school board, we must direct our attention towards specific areas of improvement. These include our strategic plans for expansion, ensuring our teachers receive a just and sustainable wage for their invaluable contributions, and actively seeking alternative resources to bridge any gaps within our education system.

Above all, I am a devoted mother who is fully dedicated to securing a world-class education for my son, Collin, as well as all our community’s children. The progress achieved in our district thus far is a source of immense pride for me, and I am confident that my broad understanding of the world can contribute to our future endeavors. I eagerly look forward to your participation in the April 2nd voting, and I kindly request your vote for me, Heather Brown.

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Jeremy Galloway

My name is Jeremy Galloway, and along with my wife Stacey and our two children in eighth and fifth grades, we’ve proudly called Southern Boone home for over five years. While we moved here in 2018 from St. Charles County, I’m well-acquainted with the benefits of small, growing communities, having been raised in a similar-sized district in eastern Missouri. Growing up outside of town in rural Lincoln County, walking through fields to get to my grandparents’ house all while playing sports and the occasional hunting outing, I feel very fortunate to have had this upbringing in a town similar to Ashland. My childhood in this small community, coupled with my father’s service on the local school board during my high school years, has instilled in me a deep appreciation for the values held dear in the Southern Boone community.

Approaching the school board without preconceived ideas will allow me to prioritize the district’s interests over personal agendas, aiming for informed decisions that benefit both present and future growth without imposing sweeping changes. I have extensive experience in leadership positions. Starting in high school as class president, college as fraternity president and sitting on club boards, to my professional career managing team members and holding positions on advisory boards. I’m adept at contributing to meetings and communicating through a proven process, such as how a board member voices their opinions, concerns, and ultimately decisions through the public and closed session process of school board meetings.

I would be a solid member of the board because of my approach to making these decisions. I pride myself on my preparation and ability to educate myself on issues before taking a stance. In fact, my ability to analyze situations and weigh outcomes has made me successful in my professional career and I know it will benefit the school board. I work in the food manufacturing industry, managing company relationships and developing contracts. My experience evaluating financial performances and key indicators will be valuable in budgetary and goal-setting processes for the school board. My ability to analyze situations and weigh outcomes has been honed during my professional career, where I’ve learned to consider the bigger picture and tailor conversations to immediate needs and long-term goals. Despite potential disagreements, I believe in fostering cooperation and progress towards positive outcomes. And I believe if you do this in the spirit of cooperation and progress to the end goal, while being educated on the issue at hand, ultimately the outcome will be positive and the best decision at the time will been made.

Should I be fortunate enough to be awarded a seat on the board, my responsibility will not be taken lightly. What I can deliver to the board, and the community as a whole, is a measured process to making the best decisions to benefit the long-term health of the district.

I would appreciate your vote on April 2nd.

Paid for by Jeremy Galloway

April Georgetti is also a school board candidate.

City of Ashland Candidates

Why should voters choose you?

Alderwoman Ward II

Kristen Colbert

An Advocate to Maintain a Strong Community

Kristen Colbert took a leap of faith and moved to mid-Missouri in pursuit of a life where she could be part of a community of like-minded individuals with good morals, a hard work ethic, and an honest sense of freedom.

Born and raised in Southern California, she and her husband, Nate, found themselves frustrated with the cost of living and politics. In 2021, they decided to leave everything they had ever known and relocate along with their young son.

Kristen spent her summers as a child traveling to Hermann, Mo., to visit relatives, so although Missouri isn’t her home state, it’s a place she holds near and dear. Since moving to Ashland, Kristen has only grown more fond of the area.

“I love this town,” Kristen says. “We feel safe here, there is a great sense of community, and this is where we choose to raise our family. I want to be involved, and I want to have a say in what goes on here.”

With the addition of a daughter, it’s where she and her family call home and plan to stay.

Kristen is running for Alderwoman Ward II as a Republican because she believes change begins at the local level. Her main initiatives are:

  • To advocate for a school resource officer,
  • Create a more walkable and safe town for citizens of all ages by adding sidewalks,
  • Reduce tax rates,
  • Attract more family-friendly businesses where our children can socialize and interact with their friends.

She is a supporter of local law enforcement and emergency personnel. She understands the sacrifice they make to serve and protect. She will advocate for a fully staffed department, along with steps to ensure officer retention.

Kristen strongly believes that the adult entertainment code is not strict enough and needs to be more specific regarding the types of events that children can attend and the places these events can be held.

Kristen believes in the future of Ashland as this community grows. She understands that it can be tricky to navigate a growing community- catering to the new members while still serving the families who have been here for generations. There are different wants and needs, but she knows a middle ground can be found.

Ashland is unique. People choose to live here because it is known for its strong community, great school district, safe environment, and conservative views. She intends to advocate for it to maintain this reputation.

Kristen understands that this is a position of service to the citizens in this community, and that’s exactly what she plans to do- serve the citizens of Ashland. If elected, she is committed to being an Alderwoman who listens and addresses the concerns of the community. Kristen is happy to give her endorsement to Loren Plank for Mayor. Be sure to vote April 2nd.

Paid for by Kristen Colbert



Loren Plank

Why Voters Should Vote for Loren Plank: A Vision for Ashland

In the heart of our beloved city of Ashland, I, Loren Plank, stand ready to lead with a commitment to service, community, and progress. As your Alderman since February 2023, I have dedicated myself to enhancing our city’s safety, supporting local businesses, and improving community services. Now, as I seek the honor of serving as your Mayor, I want to share my vision, values, and the actions I plan to take to ensure Ashland thrives in the days ahead.

Who I Am: A Servant Leader Committed to Ashland

Born and raised with a spirit of service, my journey from the first in my family to achieve a bachelor’s degree to becoming a leader in our community reflects my dedication to making a difference. My professional experience in retail and warehouse management, combined with my role as a product and buying specialist, has equipped me with a keen understanding of what businesses need to succeed. More importantly, as an active participant in our local government and community organizations, I have developed a deep connection with the people of Ashland, understanding their hopes, concerns, and dreams for our city.

My Values and Beliefs: Building a Community Together

My values are rooted in the belief that a strong community is built on the pillars of safety, education, and economic opportunity. I believe in fostering an environment where families can thrive, businesses can prosper, and every individual has the chance to achieve their full potential. As a devoted family man and community servant, I understand the importance of creating a safe, welcoming, and vibrant community for all.

My Plan as Your Mayor: A Future Focused on Prosperity and Well-being

As Mayor, my priorities will be clear: enhance public safety, support economic growth, and invest in our children’s education. By introducing a full-time school resource officer, we will ensure our schools are safe havens for learning and growth. Modernizing the Ashland swimming pool and other public amenities will not only enhance our quality of life but also promote health and wellness throughout our community.

Recognizing the importance of economic vitality, I will work tirelessly to support local businesses and attract new investment to Ashland, creating jobs and opportunities for our residents. My commitment to education extends beyond safety, advocating for resources that enable our schools to provide a top-tier education, preparing our children for a bright future.

A Call to Action: Join Me in Shaping Ashland’s Future

Your vote is powerful – it’s a statement of trust and a choice for the future of Ashland. I, Loren Plank, ask for your trust and your vote, not just as a candidate, but as a fellow resident who shares your dreams for our city. Together, we can tackle the challenges ahead and build a community where every person can thrive.

Paid for by the committee to elect Loren Plank, Loren Plank, Treasurer


Dorise Slinker

Dorise Slinker is a dedicated public servant who is committed to promoting economic and residential development in our city while ensuring adherence to city codes and ordinances.

He has demonstrated an open-minded and proactive approach to supporting business growth and enhancing residential infrastructure.

Dorise has also worked closely with community organizations, such as Helping Hands and the Optimist Club, to foster a vibrant and engaged city.

With his expertise and dedication, Dorise Slinker will continue to be a valuable asset in advancing our city’s prosperity and growth.

Vote for Dorise Slinker, a candidate who has proven to be a trusted leader and a strong advocate for our community.”

Dorise Slinker has proven to be a committed leader who consistently works towards improving our city. He has demonstrated an open-minded approach to business development, encouraging new businesses to thrive in our community.

Similarly, he is supportive of residential development, ensuring that developers adhere to city codes and ordinances for the betterment of our neighborhoods.

Dorise is firm yet fair, making sure that policies are enforced consistently and equitably. His contributions extend beyond economic growth, as he has also brought joy to the city with the introduction of fireworks displays for families to enjoy.

Dorise’s involvement with organizations such as Helping Hands and the Optimist Club further showcases his dedication to serving our community. With his leadership, we can expect continued progress and a thriving city.

Vote for Dorise Slinker a leader who puts our community first.

Paid for by Dorise Slinker

Rick Lewis is running for re-election in the City of Ashland Board of Aldermen Ward III seat.

The Village of Hartsburg Board of Trustees has two seats up for election. The seats are currently held by Tim Hentz and Bruce Begemann and they are both seeking re-election. They ask Hartsburg voters to write-in their names.

Check your voter registration and polling place here on the Boone County Clerk’s website.