I’m Dave Raithel, I am still a Democrat for the 44th Missouri House District.


In 2024, Boone County voters will be asked again to affirm the United States is a Republic, the property of no persons, where no one is ungoverned by law; and to affirm that through Democracy, Citizens give agents of the Republic powers to act; form the laws of the Republic; and establish Courts to judge that the laws are enforced and followed.

For that end, I re-affirm the following facts and values:

I am a 68 year old Army veteran, husband, father, and grandfather; a life-long Missourian in Boone County four decades. I’ve been a truck driver, a farm hand, a musician, a teacher.

I am a Pro-Choice gun owner who believes in Red Flag laws and Universal Background Checks for all gun sales. I believe in public non-sectarian schools, the authority of local schools boards, the direction of county boards of health, and the reasonableness of librarians.

I believe no one owes anyone an explanation or apology for the body which God or Nature has given them. Your intimate affairs, and your children’s, are none of my business.

I believe the moral purpose of all commerce is to preserve communities, not destroy them. We need sustainable agriculture supporting jobs and families and schools in those communities. I believe in labor unions, I believe no one who will work should go without a living wage, and I believe that no one should go without health care, lead by Science – not a Faith that consoles when Science fails.

The Missouri Legislature should quit cutting taxes and responsibly fund Missouri’s schools and roads and parks, conserve our wild life and waterways. We must admit we are the causes of Climate Change, that it is for the worse, and that nobody is going to save us but us.

I admit the faults of our history, and our failures to deliver “liberty, and justice for all.”

I still believe in representative democracy, I still trust our neighbors counting our votes, and I still believe losing is not a conspiracy.

I still believe in the Four Freedoms: Of Speech, Of Worship, From Fear, and From Want.

I ask for your Vote.

Paid for by Dave Raithel for the 44th, David A. Raithel, Treas.