MoDot has rescheduled the State Highway Route M/Broadway repaving project with no date set for the project to be completed.

“We [the City] had already paid our portion of the project and when I spoke to MoDot they wanted to roll over the money. I said no,” said Mayor Gene Rhorer. “That’s a different fiscal year and we don’t know when the project will be ‘rescheduled’.”

The Alderman approved the authorization of the cost apportionment to regain the $225,000 from MoDot at the Tuesday, July 2 Board of Alderman meeting.

MoDot wants to combine the Route M paving project to correlate with the upcoming roundabout project at Route M/Broadway and Henry Clay Blvd.

“They want to do the projects together for continuity, but I don’t feel comfortable with the projects status yet and need to do some review and negotiating before we do anything,” said Rhorer.

The repaving of Route M/Broadway was originally scheduled to begin in May 2019.

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By Carson Blake