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Ashland Mayor Gene Rhorer has had it with trash being piled up outside the Ashland and Boone County recycling bins. He is tired of the City having to use its manpower and resources to clean up the mess, and he is now ready to do something about it.

However, Rhorer isn’t definitely sure what the solution for Ashland’s unofficial trash dump will be.

“I am convinced that the recycling mess is not going to get better,” Rhorer said on Monday, “it’s going to continue to get worse.”

Seemingly once each year, the Ashland Board of Aldermen have discussed the unsightly trash mess only to run into the problem of costs.

The creation of the problem is easy to figure out, says City Administrator Lyn Woolford. People go to the vacant lot behind city hall with the intent to toss their recycling bags, cardboard and other materials in one of the two large bins, but upon seeing the bins already packed with recycling, they toss their haul on the ground in front of the bin.

“We have to pay city employees to pick that up and that costs residents money,” Woolford said.

The bigger problem, Woolford says, is when city and county residents use the site as their personal trash dump, dropping off furniture, mirrors, toys and other household items.

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By Bruce Wallace