“Mayor is a full time job, the Mayor is in the executive branch and not the judicial branch,” said Mayor Gene Rhorer who explained the Mayor role needs to change. That the current form of local government can no longer work for Ashland. 

“Is there a better system for Ashland? Yes, there is. There is a charter system of government for Ashland and hiring a City Manager, because they don’t send you to Mayor school,” said Rhorer. 

Ashland’s Mayor for the last six years, Rhorer was Mayor pro-tem when Mayor Mike Jackson resigned mid term, confirmed by the Alderman, then ran for in the first general election.

“They [elected officials] shouldn’t be micromanaging, on what mower we should be buying or how to handling recycling. We [the Alderman and Mayor] should be in the judicial side making policy and putting the right people in the correct positions,” said Rhorer. 

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By Carson Blake