Benson Benke, a fifth grade student at Southern Boone, competed in his first National Speed Cubing competition on February 3rd in Columbia. He was 1 of 110 participants to compete. Benson set a personal record of solving the 3X3 rubix cube in 37 seconds. The competition consisted of solving the cube 5 different times, giving you an overall average time to qualify for the next round. Benson’s average time was 41 seconds.

Although this did not qualify him to move forward in the competition he loved every minute of competing and meeting like-minded individuals who share an interest in cubing. In order to shave off time, Benson will need to learn additional algorithms which he has already started to do in preparation for his next competition.

His family says they are proud of him and love that he has found this new sport.

Congratulations to this young man for challenging himself.

The Southern Boone community is rooting for you!