By:Jessica Rhorer

Since many things have come to a grinding halt for most of us, some of us are still out there working through it all. Essential workers all over Ashland and Missouri have come together to keep things moving. Health care workers are strained now more than ever, especially with the sparsity of materials. More and more of our healthcare professionals have been working longer hours and longer days to save peoples lives. Health care workers and other essential workers continue to go to work while still having to worry about child care since school has been postponed. Many people in Ashland have been turning to relatives or friends to help watch their kids in this time of need. A few daycares in Ashland have also remained open to help accommodate those workers who desperately need child care. Child’s World Play School has remained open for preschoolers and school aged children, saying that they stay open on a year round basis. Adventures in Learning daycare center has also stayed open to help aid essential workers at this time. The Ashland Learning center and the Eagle Achievers Academic center are both open as well. There are also many babysitters that have taken on multiple children to help aid in home health care workers and nursing home workers. All of these daycare workers and babysitters deserve to be recognized in this time of need. Without these people many of our health care workers and essential workers would not be able to keep performing their jobs. Daycares that remain open now have changed their regulations to fit the Missouri Health Government standards. They ensure handwashing for at least 20 seconds or the use of hand sanitizer with alcohol above 60%, they have begun monitoring sick children closely and sending them home appropriately. All daycares have also been instructed to clean all frequently touched areas routinely. The Missouri health standards have also recommended keeping people separate when each child is being picked up by a parent. With the help of all the community members the support for health care workers is overflowing. Those who have volunteered their time and hours to help bring us together in this time of need deserve a huge thank you.

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