Whether or not to allow a builder to develop six new duplexes off Liberty Lane will be a question and vote for the Ashland Board of Aldermen on Tuesday night.

At their June 21 meeting, the aldermen gave first reading approval to the project which would be built in a lot just south of the city’s maintenance shed.

However, the project would also back up to the Middleton subdivision and residents of the area say they don’t want more rental duplexes and more traffic in their neighborhood.

Earlier this summer, Middleton residents voiced a strong opinion against a planned apartment complex on Douglas Drive. The Ashland Planning and Zoning board voted against the project and it was dropped. P&Z also voted unanimously against the Liberty Lane project, however, the Board of Aldermen voted unanimously in favor of the six-duplex project.

Middleton resident Justin Wobbe told the aldermen the project would bring too much traffic to the area as well as lower the property values in the Middleton area.

Middleton resident Mike Fulca told the aldermen the change of zoning from commercial to multi family residential goes against the reason many purchased homes in the area. “We knew this was commercial property, but to make this change and allow duplexes changes everything,” Fulca said.

Aldermen George Campbell said builder Scott Schooler and developer CL Richardson had long been “responsible builders.”

Alderman Fred Klipple told Middleton residents that, “if you shut growth down like this development, people who work in this town will lose, the school district and fire department will lose out on taxes.”

The meeting is set for 7 pm at the fire training center.

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