As the election draws closer, races are getting hotter. So are the tempers.

Nowhere else more than in Southern Boone County where Missouri House District 50 opponents Sara Walsh and Michela Skelton are facing each other for the second time since August of 2017.

And they might see each other again in a court of law.

Skelton, D-Hartsburg, filed a defamation suit last week against Walsh and Zimmer Radio as the House Republican Campaign Committee paid for advertising which said Skelton was “a radical” and that she “endorses violent protest against police.”

After her attorney, Stephen Wyse, filed a Cease and Desist order against Zimmer, the radio station told Skelton they would be pulling the advertising. They also asked to be dropped from the lawsuit.

Skelton said at a Monday press conference that Zimmer did not tell her that the same ad would be running with only a few words changed.

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By Bruce Wallace