Kennish returns to home school district

by Bruce Wallace

After traveling around the nation with her husband and his job and having three children, Kristin Kennish began thinking about where she wanted to put down some roots.

A 2001 Southern Boone graduate, Kennish says living in Warrenton and then living in an RV and traveling with her children around the U.S. was fun, but when it came time to put the kids in school, the couple had to decide where to live.

“We both knew that Ashland was what we knew best – it’s home,” Kennish said. “We love this place with all our hearts.”

After spending time in the classroom with her son and doing some substitute teaching, Kennish was motivated to go back to Columbia College and add a teaching certificate to her degree in pyschology and sociology.

“I just love substitute teaching and working with the kids,” Kennish said. “So I wanted to be in the classroom full time – and now that I am doing this, I am going back to get my Master’s Degree.”

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