Jacob Leffert, who will be a SoBoCo senior this fall, is working his fourth summer at the 13 Stripes Fireworks stand.

“The idea came from my father. He did this as a kid. The goal is to do this during the summer so I don’t have to work during the school year,” said Leffert.

Jacob and his parents split the business 50/50.

“It’s beneficial because they can help out if needed, but I’m involved with everything from paying the lot rent, getting supplies, to selling. I’ve done a lot of the business side, not just resale” said Leffert.

13 Stripes Fireworks is located at 5820 E. Highway 163, Columbia, Mo., because Ashland does not permit fireworks within city limits.

Fireworks may not be discharged or sold in the city limits of Ashland.

The Ashland Police Department uploaded a Facebook post Monday, July 1 as a reminder of firework restrictions.

Per city ordinance section 19.1225 and section 19.1230 any person to sell or expose for sale any fireworks shall be deemed guilty of an offense, and discharging of fireworks can be guilty of a misdemeanor, with the exception of obtaining a permit authorized by the board of alderman and signed mayor.

“There are all kinds of laws out there and ignorance of the law is no excuse. People can call city hall and they will tell them,” said Mayor Gene Rhorer. “You can apply for a special permit, such as the Ashland Healthcare nursing home that puts on a small fireworks display for residents.”

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By Carson Blake