“We need to partner with a company that is adaptable to change,” said Boone Hospital Board of Trustees Chair Brian Neuner. “The fact that we can’t partner with physicians now puts us at a disadvantage. Other hospitals allow it and that puts us at a disadvantage.”

Neuner was speaking after Thursday’s hospital board meeting at Southern Boone Elementary School in Ashland. A capacity crowd asked questions of the board members, offered opinions and listened to the board as they discussed their options for a new hospital management contract.

Neuner said he was not surprised there was such a large, vocal crowd.

“We have clinic here and know that the Ashland community supports Boone Hospital. That’s why its so important that we came here tonight,” Neuner added. “We recognize the whole county has input and ownership in Boone Hospital. Some of the things we heard tonight were unique to a small community, we had a couple of questions about convenience that we were able to address.”

The hospital board provided information about the four entities vying to contract with Boone Hospital – Duke LifePoint Health Care, Kansas City-based St. Luke’s Hospital, University of Missouri Health Care and current longtime management partner BJC.

Thursday’s meeting included Neuner, Treasurer Bob Wagner, Secretary Jan Beckett, vice chair Jerry Kennett, M.D., and Randy Morrow.

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By Bruce Wallace