Eagles Twin Wins

As the final buzzer sounded marking the Eagles boys basketball team’s District 9 championship, the crowd in red and black moved the celebration from the stands onto the gym floor.

The win marked the fourth tournament championship won by the Eagles boys – and the first time in school history that the Eagles boys and girls team won a district title in the same season.

“It is a great night to be an Eagle,” said boys coach Andy Jahnsen.

Great night?

It has been a great season, according to the unofficial keeper of records and former Eagle Bryce Arnold.

“There are a number of records – both team and individual – that have been set this year,” Arnold said.

A year of “twin titles” can be defined by, of course, the only set of twins to play on the Eagles boys and girls district title winning teams – Riley and Maguire Scheer.

The Scheers are one of three sets of siblings to play on the Eagles boys and girls teams this season – Brady and Brooke Trammell and Kate and Carrie Ponder the others – and, as twins, provide a unique insight to the fun part of the Eagles success.

“It’s been really cool,” Riley says of the success of both basketball teams, “we get to enjoy the success of both teams. But I think everyone on both teams enjoys it. I really like it when the boys have a good game, that’s probably because he’s my twin and I want Maguire to be successful.”

At that, Maguire simply grins and states that he would just go with what his twin sister said. “I told you she’s the smarter one,” he laughed.

But Maguire, who scored 52 points in a single game this year – topping a record of 50 set back in 1966 – says he was thrilled when Riley came off the bench on Friday night and broke open a close championship game with a steal, a 3-point basket, a pair of rebounds and another basket to lead the Eagles early in the second quarter.

‘”I was going nuts,” Maguire says with enthusiasm, “it was awesome! My uncle was texting me asking, ‘Maguire who?’ And everyone was cheering for her. It was just great.”

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By Bruce Wallace