Give some thought to safety when choosing a costume. Consider make-up rather than masks, since masks can make it difficult to see oncoming traffic. Wear light-colored clothing or add reflective tape to dark costumes to make them visible. Flame resistant costumes are the best ones. 

Parents, please remind children to approach only familiar houses that are well lighted. Talk with them about never entering a stranger’s house or vehicle. Consider trick-or-treating with your children for their safety and because it’s a fun way to spend an evening. 

Trick-or-treaters are reminded to watch for traffic while they are out and about this Halloween. Remember to look both ways when crossing the street. Use sidewalks wherever possible when you’re walking around a neighborhood. Trick-or-treaters are urged to do so while it is light outside. Increase visibility by using a flashlight, especially after dark. An adult should always accompany small children, and older children should stay in groups. 

Everyone should stay alert when driving on Halloween. Young children excited by Halloween could dart in front of a vehicle. Slow down, and drive with extra caution. If you are headed to a costume party, make sure the costume doesn’t hamper your vision while you’re driving to the event! Motorists picking up and dropping off trick-or-treaters may result in an increase in the number of vehicles on the road, therefore affecting traffic patterns. Please be courteous and stay alert for trick-or-treaters of all ages. Distracted drivers are dangerous drivers: when you’re driving, keep your eyes on the road, not on your phone! 

Halloween isn’t just for children. Many adults enjoy dressing up and visiting haunted houses or attending gatherings of friends. If you attend a Halloween party that includes alcohol, make sure you have a sober, designated driver for the trip home. Alcohol, even in small amounts, slows reaction time and dulls the senses. Drinking alcohol could have a sad and possibly deadly result.

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