The test scores are in and Southern Boone High School continues to impress.

The high school received its “report card” from ACT last week and while the composite score dropped from previous years, as expected, SoBoCo separated itself from the state’s composite score.

The scores were expected to drop?


The ACT report was for the high school class of 2016 – and it was the first year in which every student in the state took the ACT standardized test. With more students taking the test – both college-bound and none college-bound students, the larger pool of test scores were expected to lower the overall composite score.

However, SoBoCo High School fared better than most schools – and much better than the state average. SoBoCo scored a 21.5 – only a half-point below their 2015 score of a 22 composite, while the state composite score dropped from 21.7 to 20.2.

“There is now a 1.3 difference between us and the state,” said Southern Boone High School principal Dale Van Deven. “Prior to this year, the only year close to this benchmark was in 2014 when we were 1.2 above the state average.”

The reason for Van Deven’s excitement is understandable when you realize that 129 SoBoCo students took the test – 52 more students than the 77 who took the test in 2015.

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