U.S. Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler, R-Harrisonville is seeking a fifth term in Congress next Tuesday.

Hartzler is being challenged by Democratic businesswoman Renee Hoagenson.

Having recently made a trip to Arizona to witness U.S. Boarder Patrol agents doing their job, Hartzler said the U.S. needs to have more manpower and more technology on the boarder.

“It’s a war zone down there,” Hartzler said, “pitting our boarder patrol agents against the drug cartels. It is very serious and the cartels have more money and more personnel. They control who goes over to the US and the rules and the money. They work very hard to out-maneuver our agents – who are doing a great job trying to prevent the drugs coming into our country, which end up right here in our district.”

Hartzler advocates a multi-prong approach, including building the wall, more technology and more manpower.

“We lost more people to drug overdoses last year than died in the entire Vietnam war,” Hartzler said. “There are 115 people dying per day of opioid overdoes.”

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By Bruce Wallace