Andrew Worrall has been on the Ashland Police Force for five years and has recently been selected as the next School Resource Officer (SRO). The Journal asked Officer Worrall five questions that will help the community better know the officer tasked with looking out for their children and community.

Andrew Worrall

Q. Please tell us about your hobbies, family, education, experience etc.

A. I grew up in Minnesota, and have played the violin since the age of three. I discovered a love of photography in sixth grade; when the digital age came around, I definitely got more excited about it (I don’t have the patience for dark rooms). Photography and journalism brought me to Mizzou, and through photojournalism, I discovered the Boone County Fire Protection District in 2009. I remain active with BCFPD, now as a Lieutenant/EMT-B. I still have a passion for photography, and you might catch me shooting sports, senior portraits, food, and real estate. My wife and I met in 2010 volunteering for STRIPES, MU’s safe ride program, where I was the executive director. we are blessed with a youngster.

Q. What about law enforcement are you passionate about?

A. As cliche as it sounds, the draw for me is the opportunity to help and serve the community, promote safety, and be a role model. While I never wanted to be a cop growing up, I do recall how friendly my SRO was…I recall one day driving by and seeing him arresting someone in front of a Kohl’s store. He took the time to wave at me, and for whatever reason, that moment has stuck with me when I think of policing.

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By Ernie Wren