Ashland is known for being a smaller city in the State of Missouri. Home to just over 3,000 people, it is largely run with the help of multiple local businesses. Among these small-town companies is the Blue Rooster, an Ashland-made establishment that has been in the area for just over a year. Today, the Rooster is a regular, family-friendly place to be in town. It all began when owner Keith Clayton decided to carry on what his father had started. 

Also Ashland-made is Clayton himself. Born here in 1995 and raised in town, he grew up working in and learning the restaurant business from the inside. Throughout Keith’s youth, his father owned a dining establishment of his own, the Turtle Club.  In his younger days, the twenty-something spent a lot of his time working with his father at the Club. Though the restaurant would close in later years, it ultimately kicked off Clayton’s long career in the food-service industry. 

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By Sofi Zeman