Global Medical Response (GMR) activated the AMR National Command Center (NATCOM) in Dallas and is deploying nearly one thousand paramedics and EMTs, hundreds of ambulances and dozens of paratransit teams and vehicles. This is in response to the federal government’s request to AMR for EMS deployment for Hurricane Dorian. GMR also has more than 80 air crew and support staff and 10 helicopters from its Air Evac Lifeteam and Med-Trans companies prepared to deploy if the government needs them to evacuate patients in the area. Throughout the deployment, NATCOM staff remotely monitor crews who have been sent to the region, dispatch onsite crews to respond to hurricane-related emergencies and evacuations, and closely monitor crews in the affected disaster areas 24/7.

“We’ve been monitoring the storm for days in preparation to send resources to help the affected areas,” said Ted Van Horne, Chief Operating Officer of Global Medical Response. “The models for Hurricane Dorian suggest this storm could wreak incredible damage with hundreds of thousands of people affected. Preparing for and responding to catastrophic hurricanes like Dorian is what our teams and providers do very well. We partner with numerous EMS agencies to respond when our nation calls us in to help.” He added that the company’s national scope allows AMR to secure whatever is needed, including appropriate personnel, vehicles, aircraft, logistics and supplies to respond quickly.