Let’s take a moment to thank all the folks still making our daily lives bearable and those on the front lines of the pandemic; the folks that work in Ashland who lay it on the line every day working countless hours to take care of our elderly, our friends and neighbors. With the current situation, no residents may have visitors which make their lives very difficult having to deny family members a visit to there elderly parents, relatives is not something health care workers want to do however must to protect the health of those in assisted living areas and skilled nursing facility, of which Ashland has a few. Above and below are a few of those workers that put in time and overtime due to additional workloads and restrictions on the healthcare industry. If you see these folks remind them of how much we appreciate what they do. Along with healthcare workers there are many others that enable us to keep some type of normalcy. The mechanics, convenience store workers, truckers delivering our food, police, fire and rescue workers, food service, your local and state road and bridge workers, solid waste drivers, water departments and many others. It takes all these folks to keep our country running. This is a very difficult time for those workers and their families. We are essentially asking many of these workers to function for incredibly long hours without many breaks during the day to rest. To all of you who make it happen… Thank you, Boone County Journal