Generations of Dedication: That is what the Bullard family brought to our community when they first moved to the Ashland area. In the 1890’s the family moved to a farm on a road that would ultimately bear their name – Bullard Road. And among them were generations of firefighters who volunteered to serve their neighbors and the community in their time of need. The Bullard clan produced seven volunteer firefighters, including the current Chief of the Southern Boone County Fire Protection District: Fire Chief Jim Bullard.

Jim’s relationship with the Fire Department started in 1978. Back then, fire and emergency services were provided by the City of Ashland, the Ashland Community Volunteer Fire Department and the City of Hartsburg. Fire protection tags were sold to provide revenue to maintain the trucks owned by the two cities and to provide much needed equipment to the volunteers. There were only about 15 volunteers. “In the fall of 1978 a fatality occurred in connection with a fire, and an ad was run in Boone County Journal seeking more volunteers to help the fire department. They needed help and I answered the call,” said Chief Bullard.

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