The people at the Ashland City council meeting on August 6th witnessed some lively discussion among elected officials, although most of the votes were unanimous in agreement, with Alderman Bronson and Alderman Clay making motions for votes.

The July 4th city permits allowing private residents to shoot off fireworks was perhaps the liveliest discussion. Current ordinances allow the Mayor to approve private fireworks permits, an allowance that Mayor Gene Rohrer would like to see changed so that instead, the council would approve the permits. The Mayor stated that he was not comfortable with the liability and responsibility of being the person designated to approve permits. He has previously approved permits based upon four qualifications; the resident has a water hose available, there is a fire extinguisher present, public safety officials have been notified, and adequate advance notice has been provided.

Police Chief Lyn Wolford offered several options, including; eliminating all permits, providing permits during specific hours, or changing the ordinance to tighten up controls on approvals. Alderman Bronson felt allowing people freedom to shoot fireworks “at will” was a bad idea, and that there would be some (idiot) that would be shooting off fireworks at early morning hours. Alderman Sullivan shared an example of a family from his parish that had their home burned down in the middle of the night from fireworks being shot off nearby. Alderman Sapp felt that whatever is approved regarding fireworks permits, a deadline for application must be set, so that the council is not flooded with requests at the last minute. Mayor Rhorer agreed to put this before the board in future discussions.

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By Ernie Wren

PHOTO: Sharon and Jim Diederich attended AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin during the week of July 22nd. Here they are with the Journal in front of a B-29 bomber. Although thousands of these were built, only Doc and FiFi are still flyable.