Ashland’s growth this past year – and the past decade – has provided more property taxes for the Southern Boone Fire Protection District, but the increased cost of purchasing equipment and maintenance on a rolling stock of some nearly-antique vehicles has the fire district working hard keep the district’s financial head above water.

The fire district passed its 2018 budget at its December meeting and board member Brandon Glascock said it will provide the district with about $275,000 to work with.

“We have seen our assessed valuation in the district” – which includes a wider range of Southern Boone than just the City of Ashland – ” increase from $143 million in 2016 to $152 million for the coming year,” Glascock said. “That means we will have between $20-$25,000 more dollars in our budget.

The budget is earmarked for items which, Glascock said, continue to increase, often at a higher rate than normal business equipment.

“It is getting more and more expensive to outfit a fire fighter and to repair our apparatus,” Glascock said.

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By Bruce Wallace