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LEAD STORY: Fire board, City do not agree on two fire codes

After the Ashland Board of Alderman approved a final plat that included a commercial cul-de-sac at the Cartwright Technology and Industrial Park, it sparked a discussion with the Southern Boone County Fire Protection District Board and its working relationship with the City of Ashland.

At the December 11 Fire Board meeting, the Fire Board examined that when the City of Ashland adopted the 2012 International Fire Code (IFC) in June 2018, and that fire marshal and current fire code inspector Corey Sapp brought the adoption to their attention. “Afterwards I personally went to City Hall and gave the City the fire district’s resolution of the 2012 IFC,” said SoBoCo Fire Protection board member Jim Cunningham.

The City of Ashland’s stance on the fire code is that they adapted to the 2012 IFC before the Fire District, and that is why there are appendixes with stricter codes found with the Fire District code, that are not found in the City fire code.

The Fire District has asked the Ashland Alderman to table or not approve any fire codes that do not match the Fire District codes.

“We cannot enforce what’s not on our books,” said Ashland Alderman Jesse Bronson. “From the discussion from our attorney, we can’t enforce as rule, law, or regulation that which we do not have. However, we are willing to sit down and come together on this issue.”

Because the Southern Boone County Fire Protection District is voluntary and not a direct City entity, the process of fire inspections are processed on several levels.

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By Carson Blake