LEAD PHOTO CAPTION: Bobby Norfolk entertained a young audience on Monday at the Southern Boone Library. Norfolk portrayed Ragtime pianist Scott Joplin during his 45-minute performance. 

With the idea of potential Charter School legislation passing through the Missouri legislature, Southern Boone County schools superintendent Chris Felmlee is taking up an unusual strategy: He wants the school district to be a Charter School sponsor.

“I want to keep local tax dollars local,” Felmlee said last week in a simple explanation as to why he would have the local school district potentially sponsor a Charter School while he actively lobbies against having ‘for-profit’ schools take dollars from public education funding.

Felmlee has said that he thinks passing charter school legislation is a “Gov. Greitens plan to fulfill a campaign promise.” Charter school legislation did pass the house last year, but did not pass in the senate. Felmlee thinks such legislation has a better opportunity to passs this spring – however, Greitens’ legislative agenda may be stymied by an investigation into alleged blackmail charges stemming from an extra-marital affair he had before he was elected.

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By Bruce Wallace