Missouri Election Integrity Paramount

Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft today acknowledged the recent release of a disclosed document issued by CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency) referencing Dominion voting equipment manufactured by Dominion Voting Systems.

CISA, a division within the Department of Homeland Security, has notified election officials in several states, including Secretary Ashcroft, of vulnerability issues in Dominion voting equipment.

“As Dominion machines are used in certain counties in Missouri, my office has notified local election authorities regarding these concerns,” Ashcroft said.  “We will continue to make sure elections in Missouri are safe and secure.”

CISA and Dominion both attest that the flaws in the voting equipment are isolated to lab testing and no changes to election results have occurred. The documents released from CISA contain mitigation measures to aid in the detection and prevention of an attempt to exploit voting machine vulnerabilities.

According to CISA, the potential vulnerabilities would only be possible if an unauthorized person could have unsecured physical access to the equipment. Missouri statute has provisions that specifically prohibit this type of system interaction. As well, the secretary of state’s office has been very proactive in working with local election authorities, providing them with “best practices” information to assist in ensuring election integrity and accountability.

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