The cars were lined up Monday morning at the New Salem Lane-Highway 63 crossover, waiting for a break in traffic in order to drive to Columbia.

While MoDot officials don’t think that is the safest way to get to Highway 63-northbound, for many it will be their route to work this week.

The Missouri Department of Transportation last week that they would be closing the north-bound Highway 63 entrance ramp on Monday, Oct. 17 for one week. MoDot engineer Mike Schupp said the ramp closing was necessary for repair work.

“We had some settling issues there when the crews put in the roundabouts,” Schupp said, “we have had an engineer tell us those settling issues are done, so they will begin doing repair work on the ramp.

Work will also be done in the roundabout area, however, Schupp assured that east-west traffic on Rt. Y and Rt. M on the overpass would not be stopped. Motorists are urged to proceed with caution through the roundabout area next week as workers will be in the area.

Schuss urged motorists wanting to go north-bound on Highway 63 to take the south-bound exit from the Ashland overpass and utilize the J-turn south of Forsee Road. While some Ashland residents may choose to drive north on Crump Lane to access Highway 63 at the crossover at the Martin Lane-New Salem Lane intersection, Schupp advised against it.

“It is always safer to enter a four-lane highway on a ramp and use the J-Turns than it is to use a crossover,” Schupp said. While it may take a few more minutes to go south to the J-Turn near Forsee Road, Schupp said it could prevent a T-bone crash.

Those who don’t mind taking the “scenic route” may choose to drive to Columbia via Rangeline Road – east of Ashland – or heading west then north using Nashville Church Road to get to state Route N and proceed north then east through Pierpont and the Rock Bridge State Park area.

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