Ashland’s newest physician says he wanted to come to the new University of Missouri Health Care because he knew he would fit into the situation well.

Dr. Luke Stephens

Having spent a few years of his professional career in Chicago, what made Dr. Luke Stephens think he would be a good fit for a new clinic in Ashland?

Dr. Stephens is a graduate of Iberia High School. He grew up in a small town, he understands small town life and he wants to practice medicine in a small town.

The ribbon cutting for the Ashland’s new MU Health Care family medicine clinic on Red Tail Drive formally opened the clinic, but Dr. Stephens was seeing patients on Monday – before and after the ribbon cutting.

“Moving to Chicago wasn’t a culture shock, but I’m more comfortable with Columbia – or smaller towns,” Stephens said. “When I was offered the opportunity in Ashland, I jumped at it.”

Stephens earned his undergraduate degree at Missouri State, but completed his medical degree as well as his residency at the University of Missouri School of Medicine. His work in Chicago gave him experience in sports medicine.

Stephens says the change for patients who currently see physicians in Columbia would be seamless. ”

A lot of patients here go to the south Providence clinic,” Stephens said, “and if they come here we can access their records. If they want to retain their doctor in Columbia, that’s fine. But if they need to come here we can help them and their physician will know exactly what happened.”

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By Bruce Wallace