“If I could create a twitter hashtag for this project it would be #imnotanengineerbut,” said City Administrator Tony St. Romaine. 

After multiple meetings between government officials and traffic engineers, the Ashland Board of Aldermen unanimously voted to move forward with the 2021 roundabout project at Henry Clay and Broadway/Route M intersection. 

The vote, on Tuesday, November 5, gave MoDot a preliminary engineered plan for the roundabout allowing MoDot to begin negotiations with the affected property owners through their right-of-way department. 

The City of Ashland began a traffic study in early 2018 for the intersection and then entered a 50/50 cost share agreement with MoDot for the $2.2 million project; the City has a loan with MoDot for their $1.1 million share to begin construction in the spring of 2021. 

After the aldermen defeated the last preliminary roundabout plan, City Administrator Tony St. Romaine, Mayor Gene Rhorer, State Representative Sara Walsh and Senator Caleb Rowden, held meetings with MoDot and the most affected property, Hair Studio. 

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By Carson Blake