The 2020 pandemic has created many changes in every day activities, and daycares are no exception.  These activities have been impacted by health restrictions and financial considerations. 

“Child care providers have been hit by the pandemic in a very unique way,” said Brian Schmidt, Executive Director of Kids Win Missouri. “The child care system has always operated on razor-thin margins and we are now asking them to serve on the frontlines, care for the children of essential workers, completely overhaul their operations to accommodate new requirements, and to do so while losing income.” (July 1, 2020 By KRMS Newsroom). 

While many daycares are closing down throughout the state (95 of Missouri’s 115 counties are considered “daycare deserts” due to lack of open child care facilities), Ashland daycare operators are doing everything they can to remain open and provide safe, healthy, innovative activities that meet county and state regulations.  

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By Ernie Wren