“Covid Corner”….a nickname used by some emergency room (ER) personnel when referencing the quarantined area within the University Hospital ER that is used for COVID-19 testing and treatment.  I was one such patient, and would like to share the experience of being tested. 

For weeks I had been experiencing bronchitis off and on.  The symptoms would get better, then worse, then better, then worse again.  Doctors would prescribe different antibiotics and health action plans, all of which were followed meticulously.  Finally, after four weeks, recovery felt complete. Then four days later symptoms returned harder than ever with shortness of breath, loss of voice, headaches and body aches.  Upon checking into the local MU health clinic, my breathing was bad enough that the physician called for me to be transported by ambulance to University Hospital.  

During transport, vitals were taken and relayed to the ER.  Symptoms and recent travel locations were discussed.  The ambulance crew were professional, efficient and displayed a sense of humor when conversing, all of which was very helpful to me in remaining calm.  Upon approach to the MU ER, the transport crew explained to me what would be encountered next.  After watching scenes from the movie “Outbreak” (1995) or “Pandemic” (currently #7 on Netflix’s Top 10), one might envision staff in hazmat suits, nurses and doctors with high tech face masks, and hallways being cleared while being transported, and this is exactly what transpired during my visit. 

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By Ernie Wren