Boone County Clerk Taylor Burks released a 2018 budget request on Monday which reduces the Clerk’s office’s non-election activities budget by 8%, saving Boone County taxpayers nearly $70,000 from the 2017 budget. Burks’ total request for 2018, including elections, saves more than $500,000 comparerd to 2016 fiscal year expenses.

The budget savings are all non-election related, and include savings from reduced travel, suppllies, and non-election equipment. “In 2018, my office will be tightening our belts to give the County Commission and the County Auditor the opportunity to allocate tight revenues to other areas of need,” Burks said. “I am also putting together a plan for Boone county to invest in new voting equipment in FY 19. My hope is that saving money now will give County Commissioners the flexibility to prepare for that investment request next year.”

In addition to 8% savings in non-election costs, Burks is targeting savings of $112,000 in running next year’s elections as compared to 2016 elections. “These savings are made possible by retaining the Clerk’s staff and our current equipment,” Burks said.

Burks said none of the cuts are in areas that will affect Election Day or the service Boone Countians have come to expect from the County Clerk.