The new Southern Boone County Central Office Building, above, and Elementary gymnasium are currently under budget as of April 15. The projects have $116,451.60 in contingency and $75,077.50 in remaining funds.

The Central Office, which is planned to turn over to the administration by the end of May, has been inspected by the Fire Marshal for the wet fire sprinkler system. The ceilings are 90% complete and ceramic flooring installed in the bathrooms.

“The casework is installed in the break rooms and this week the Hardie Board siding should be finished,” said Project Manager Jim Russell.

On April 3, the roof was complete over the Elementary gym, and the masons are to be completed with the brink veneer this week. Also completed is the ductwork, fire sprinkler system and electricians are projected to finish this week. The gym ceiling and bar joists projected to be painted by April 26.

The Elementary gym original deadline was July 15, 2019. “With the hard weather, there were several weeks at a time there was no work being completed. Our new deadline is August 15, 2019,” said Russell.

By Carson Blake