On April 15 Redbud Lane and Johnson Drive will become one-way streets.

In preparation for the MoDot construction of Highway M from the intersection at DD to the Highway 63 Bridge, the City of Ashland has decided to change Redbud Lane and Johnson Ave. to one-way streets temporarily and City Administrator Lyn Woolford recommended the change become permanent.

“The intent of this change is to redirect traffic [during construction], the streets are too narrow for two-way streets up to Henry Clay. It would be my recommendation to stay this way because if you met an oncoming car, it’s tight,” said Woolford.

The Alderman passed the ordinance on its first reading, designating the streets and alleys be permanently changed to one-way streets, at the Tuesday, March 19 Board of Alderman meeting.

Redbud Lane will be westbound from Henry Clay to Main Street and Johnson Ave. will be eastbound from Main Street to Henry Clay.

“I would like to do that [change the streets] prior to construction, giving a learning curve to drivers,” said Woolford.

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By Carson Blake