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LEAD STORY: City Park Board looking for dog park space

Palomino Ridge resident Melissa Finnegan only recently got her first family dog. But she does not like the idea of taking her mixed-breed rescue pet to a dog park right outside her back door. Her neighbors agree – especially if the dog park is in the Palomino neighborhood.

The Ashland Park Board discussed such a dog park at their meeting on Monday, Feb. 11 and seemed to like using some of their new taxpayer funded monies to creating such a space.

However, when Park Board member Ernie Wren polled the Palomino Ridge residents on a neighborhood Facebook page, residents were nearly 100% against the idea.

Park Board President Tracy Banning said members of the Board of Aldermen requested that the Park Board look at the idea as a number of members of the community had requested a dog park, mentioning the Palomino Ridge green space.

“We are now looking at other areas,” Banning said, citing the pushback from the neighborhood. Banning said one potential area would be in the northwest corner of City Park, where the frisbee golf course currently utilizes some of the space. Another area was forwarded to Banning, but she would not say where, until had been looked at.

“The board has not had a chance to meet since the last fiasco with the Palomino discussion,” Banning said, “and no other area was brought forward at the meeting. I think everyone thought that Palomino would be a good idea.”

More than 50 residents of Palomino Ridge thought it would be a very bad idea.

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By Bruce Wallace