At the August 20th city council meeting, there was an informative and positive dialog between citizens and elected officials. All but one citizen spoke against the recent change made by the city, which turned Redbud and Johnson streets from two-way into one-way roads.

Local Shelter Insurance agent Troy Lowrey led the charge against the changing of streets by stating that he had broken the law when he pulled into his business Wednesday morning, going the wrong direction. “I’ve given my heart and soul to this community, giving back whenever I can” Mr. Lowrey stated, “and Henry Clay access is the lifeline for my business.” Mr. Lowrey also questioned as to why there had been no notice of the change to residents and business owners prior to the decision to make the roads one-way. This sentiment was echoed by many of the other citizens who spoke against the change.

Michelle Phillips from the Ashland Post Office stated that the changes to one-way streets would make it more difficult for postal drivers to deliver parcels to residents. Barrett Glascock, local business owner, stated that “years ago these roads were made one-way and this it only created a cluster of traffic that didn’t work”.

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By Ernie Wren