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LEAD STORY:  City Hall Sold

Mayor Gene Rhorer, elected aldermen and city officials have been consistent in how they operate the city: Make a plan, find vendors they trust who want to do business with the city, move at full-steam ahead.

So when it came time to sell Ashland City Hall at 109 E. Broadway, they went to the person who just sold them property on the other end of Broadway – Dave Westhoff.

Ashland Aldermen were expected to approve a deal at last night’s scheduled Board of Aldermen meeting to sell the current city hall to Westhoff for $140,000. The city purchased Westhoff’s property and building on the northwest corner of Highway 63 for $375,000.

“It’s a good fit for both of us,” Westhoff said on Monday.

The contract calls for the closing to be on October 16 and for the city to pay Westhoff rent of $400 per month. The city plans to move the police department to its new building quickly and Mayor Rhorer said the city will begin dirt work on a new city hall as well.

Westhoff said the current city hall facility will require some work, however, the rent he is charging the city is designed to simply cover property taxes. Westhoff said he would divide the building into two parts and he already has an interested party for the west side of the building.

~ There’s more to the story in today’s Journal ~

By Bruce Wallace