Ashland officials and friends were remembering – and missing – their friend George Campbell on Monday morning.

             George Campbell

Campbell, an Alderman for Ward One, died suddenly on Saturday morning. Campbell had been fighting cancer in recent months, but, according to friends, was past the toughest part of his treatment and gaining weight.

“I talked to him Saturday morning and he was coughing a lot, then, a few hours later, I got the call that he had called 911 and he was gone,” said Mayor Gene Rhorer.

Campbell served as alderman for nearly three years, but was a part of a group that re-configured the City of Ashland and moved it in a direction of growth that is now being realized.

Rhorer and City Administrator Lyn Woolford said that Campbell was a key leader in that movement.

“He was a big part of the movement that annexed the property near the airport (Angel Lane) into the City of Ashland back in 2001 or 2002,” said Mayor Rhorer.

Rhorer talked about Campbell’s vision for ‘responsible growth’ for the City of Ashland and credited him with getting the ball rolling with land and business owner Larry Potterfield.

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By Bruce Wallace