In November 2018, the Southern Boone County Fire Protection District approached the Board of Alderman with discrepancies between the Fire District Code and the City Fire Code during the final approval of Cartwright Technology and Industrial Park plat.

Both the City and the Fire District operate on the 2012 International Fire Code (IFC). The City adopted to the 2012 IFC in July 2017, and the Fire District followed, then adopted eight appendixes.

The City currently does not have any of the eight appendixes in its fire code. Though at the January 15 Board of Alderman meeting, the aldermen took appendix C and D into consideration. Both will be put on the agenda for approval at the next scheduled Board of Alderman meeting.

Appendix D has been the centerpiece in many discussions between the Fire District and the City of Ashland. Appendix D gives specific road requirements and regulations for fire apparatus access roads.

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By Carson Blake