Voters will decide next Tuesday if they want to enact some “Marketplace Fairness.”

The same vote will decide whether or not voters choose to tax themselves in order to put some of the sales tax lost to the Internet back into the City of Ashland and Boone County budgets.

The Use Tax will add matching city and county sales tax to many – but not all – Internet purchases. The City of Ashland sales tax of 2.00% and the county sales tax of 1.75% would be applied to many online sales – such as Amazon – or filed by purchasers whose purchase from out-of-state vendors.

The use tax will not be required to be filed by persons whose purchases from out-of-state vendors do not in total exceed $2,000 in any calendar year.

The purpose of the proposal, said Boone County Commissioner Fred Parry, is to eliminate the current sales tax advantage that non-Missouri vendors have over Missouri vendors.

“We have a lot of commercial building going on in Columbia and nearly all of the building supplies are purchased online and from out-of-state suppliers,” Parry said last week. “That is hurting local business and hurting the county’s ability to serve residents.”

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By Bruce Wallace