LEAD PHOTO: Hartsburg view of the rising Missouri River. 

LEAD STORY: City budget, revenues in growth mode

The City of Ashland’s annual budget is growing as the City grows. The City projected the 2019 budgeted for $375,000 in sales tax revenue and looking to surpass that estimate.

“We have year to date collected $356,741.77,” said City Administrator Lyn Woolford. “Most months have been more like $40,000 in revenue, and April has never been less than $27,000 [in sales tax revenue].”

A City concentrated on growth; three commercial properties will be joining Ashland.

“The Richardson property, over by Moser’s off the roundabout will be commercial, Cartwright Technology and Industrial Park by the Columbia Airport is commercial, and by the South School Campus, the ‘old hanger property’ on the Northwest corner of Liberty and Henry Clay is a future commercial property,” said Woolford.

The city’s budget is largely made up of sales tax, however, a growing property tax will be beneficial to the city. No further information shared as to the future tenants on the commercial properties.

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By Carson Blake