Lead Photo: Earlier this month, Bro. Lonnie Taggart was presented with his 50 Yr. Pin and Certificate as a Member of Ashland Masonic Lodge #156. Bro. Pictured from left: his brother, Rex Taggart, his mother, Ola Mae Taggart, Lonnie Taggart & his wife, Judy Taggart. See p. 3 in today’s Journal.


Lead Story: City approves assistant for Woolford, but no hurry to hire

In the last five years, Mr. Lyn Woolford has been the City Administrator and Police Chief for the City of Ashland. A main reason for holding both jobs was that the City did not think it needed a full time City Administrator, and this situation would save money.

However, at the Tuesday January 15 Board of Alderman meeting, the alderman voted “Yes” to an ordinance to provide for an assistant city administrator.

Such as the City Administrator, the now possible Assistant City Administrator position would be a contractual appointed position by the Mayor Gene Rhorer and confirmed by the Board of Alderman.

“The decision to add an assistant is specific to a city’s structure, and we are still having discussion if we would fill this position or not,” said Rhorer.

Ashland has grown significantly over the last five years, and with expected expansion in the future, the alderman said they wanted options for the city to support economic development.

“Most cities the size of Ashland have full time City Administrators, that costs roughly $50,000-$60,000,” Rhorer said. “Even if we had an assistant we would still be saving money by not having a full time or two separate roles.”

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By Carson Blake