The August 20th city council meeting was packed with citizens who wished to speak out on two main issues; the changing of Redbud and Johnson streets from two-way to one-way, and the problems with construction noise during early morning hours at Liberty Landing subdivision. The council also had a guest appearance by Boone County Clerk Brianna Lennon, who spoke on the new voting machines and the 2020 census. Coverage on the one-way streets and Brianna Lennon’s presentation can be read in separate articles.

In its previous council meeting, aldermen had discussed complaints arising from Martin Construction working in Liberty Landing during early morning hours. Alderman Jeff Sapp stated the need for early morning construction hours during the summer months in order to allow workers to take a break during the afternoon heat.

Cody Murphy, a resident of Liberty Landing, stated that many families have children that don’t wake up early in the summer, and that the construction noise was waking them up early. The current noise ordinance establishes construction noise allowances for 7am to 8pm. Mr. Murphy stated that when he had contacted local law enforcement, an Ashland Police officer told him they were not enforcing the timeframe while the council was considering earlier morning hours of 6am. Liberty Landing resident Austin Bowman stated he has 3 kids that are being woken up at 6am every morning, and that he has a voice recording of an officer also stating that Ashland Police were not enforcing the 7am regulation. Mr. Bowman stated that law enforcement officers needed to follow the law.

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By Ernie Wren

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