While everyone knew that Ashland Police Chief Lyn Woolford had received the most votes, he had not been officially named “America’s Top Crossing Guard.”
Until….Thursday afternoon.
In an assembly for SoBoCo Primary and Elementary School students planned to kick off Hero Week, Woolford was surprised by school administrators, superintendent Chris Felmlee and Safe Kids Foundation’s Jennifer Brooks as the official winner of the nationwide contest.
Woolford was named the top crossing guard for his efforts to relieve congestion at the intersection of Liberty and Henry Clay before and after school – as well as for his humor and out-going personality.
“I was pleased and humbled by this,” Woolford said, “it was certainly a community thing. If there is anyone to thank, it would be all those who voted as well as give credit to my terrific officers and great staff at city hall.”
Woolford out-polled an Ohio crossing guard, from a mach larger school district, getting 11,031 votes – just 52 more votes than the runnerup. After the voting, Woolford was required to complete paper work about himself, the district and his role within the community as well as the safety record of the district.

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