In one week, from Monday, September 21 to Monday, September 28, Southern Boone County Schools have reported six confirmed COVID-19 cases and quarantined 101 with more to follow after contact tracing is completed Tuesday, September 29. 

The Monday, September 28 school district notification came after school district contact tracers watched game tape of the SoBoCo JV football team and determined that 25 players came into direct contact with a Hallsville player that tested positive for COVID-19. 

The entire football team is not quarantined because according to Superintendent Chris Felmlee those players would be considered a secondary exposure, not a direct contact. 

The High School had an addition two separate positive COVID-19 cases on September 28. 

“By the end of the evening Monday the High School had three separate COVID-19 cases,” said Felmlee. “That’s why we had to shut down High School for cleaning and disinfecting.” 

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By Carson Blake