Did Boone County Commissioners Janet Thompson and Dan Atwill attempt to exclude their fellow Commissioner, Fred Parry, from a May 13th conference call related to COVID-19 for political and/or ideological differences?  Or was the exclusion related to current legal proceedings against the county, which Fred Parry is reported to support?  Regardless, the May 13th conference call was eventually cancelled due to questions regarding the adherence of the meeting to the Missouri Sunshine Law.  

Commissioner Fred Parry stated he had no knowledge of the May 13th meeting, and was not invited.  Even though the meeting was on the Commission’s main calendar, there were no agenda items or topics included that would identify the items to be covered.  Mr. Parry, who has been a vocal opponent to many of the more restrictive county stay-at-home measures supported by his fellow Commissioners, stated his belief that he is being excluded specifically due to his disagreement with the manner in which the Boone County health order response to COVID-19 has been managed.  

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By Ernie Wren