To address the rapid growth in the Southern Boone County School District, the Southern Boone County School Board is proposing a bond issue on the April 2, 2019 ballot.

Proposition A, the School Bond Issue on the ballot, will be for a 40-cent general operating tax levy increase. The increase would allow a $6 million construction project for a two story, 16 classroom building at the Primary School.

“Thirty percent of the tax increase will be for construction and 10% for staff. The board believes we can currently handle the utilities and operating cost. Plus with growth you get more money from the State,” said school board member Joe Miller.

If Proposition A passes, the SoBoCo School Board will vote on an additional 25-cent debt service tax increase. The current debt service levy is $1.43. The School Board, by law, can tax up to $2.3071.

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By Carson Blake