Little Emma Rose is big truckin’ in the Missouri Highway Patrol Troop F Swat Vehicle

By: Tara Blue
The first annual “Big Truck Showcase” on April 27th was a success as parents brought their children to become more familiar with vehicles from different industries.

Riann driving a Massey Ferguson Compact Tractor like a pro

Harper and Julian Wyatt with State Trooper Brandon Harris in the Troop F Swat Vehicle

Hosted by Refuge Christian Church, the hands-on learning experience allowed kids to become more acquainted with public safety, transportation, emergency responder, utility, and agricultural vehicles & equipment.

Joan Seidel-Petralia and Connor navigate the walking school bus

Wyatt Hanks practicing safety first as he puts on his seatbelt

Finn and Cohen Gentry are ready for emergency responder training

Refuge Christian Church says they plan to expand the event next year and thank everyone who participated.